About Adam Driscoll

Adam is an experienced software developer and Microsoft MVP with a specialization in PowerShell. He's an independent contractor working for a security software company developing solutions around Active Directory and ASP.NET Core. You'll typically find him speaking at conferences, riding his bike or traveling the globe.

Saint Cergue, Switzerland

Saint-Cergue, Switzerland My girlfriend and I started out our trip in Saint-Cergue, Switzerland. It's a small town north of Geneva in the Jura mountain range. You have extremely easy access countless miles of hiking trails through jingling cow pastures. We hiked and ran the range almost every day. We worked in the mornings and evenings [...]

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Four Projects I Started and Stopped While Traveling

I've been looking for something else to do besides PoshTools. I'm completely burnt out on it. Visual Studio 2017 changed the extensibility model and I am struggling to care enough to go through all the trouble to get PoshTools to work. I'm sure I will get to it eventually. That said, I'm always willing to [...]

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Code Golf: Executing Solutions with Azure Functions

After I first showed off Code Golf, many people’s reaction was that it really needed a way for you to execute your solutions against a problem. I did a little bit of experimentation with Azure Automation but eventually settled on Azure Functions are the perfect engine to process solutions. Here’s how it works. Each problem [...]

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Accessing the Kudu API for a Azure Functions App

Azure Functions is a new feature of Azure that lets you easily create “serverless” snippets of code that integrate different systems. Functions can be triggered in numerous ways and all you need to do is write the integration code between the inputs and outputs. They allow for binding to HTTP Endpoints, triggering on DocumentDB changes or [...]

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A Year with the Garmin 920xt

I’ve been training ALL year for the Ironman Wisconsin. My device of choice for tracking my workouts has been the Garmin 920xt. It’s a great little device and has some awesome features. I picked it up from eBay for 300 dollars in like new condition. It came in the original box and included the heart [...]

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PowerShell Decompiled: How do loops work?

In my quest to figure out why handles.ps1 was running very slowly when looping over the 3.4 million handles on my system, I started to realize that the loop structure itself was a lot slower than a language like C#. I know that PowerShell is compiled to an executable lambda statement when it meets particular criteria [...]

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