CodeConverter.NET: Simplified Site, NuGet Package and More

The last couple of days I’ve been busy working on CodeConverter.NET. Here are some updates. Simplified Site When I first conceived of CodeConverter.NET, I thought of making it a community curated site where not only automated conversions would happen but also users could add conversions or improve automated ones. I realized that this was a [...]

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Generating GitHub Pages from Test Output

Getting Started with GitHub Pages GitHub Pages allow you to generate a website for yourself, an organization or a project based on markdown files stored in a repository. Pages is based on Jekyll and comes with a couple standard themes. Jekyll creates static pages so there is no need to update a database or anything. [...]

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Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Nestled between a lush mountain range about an hour and a half north of Chiang Mai resides a 250-acre sanctuary for elephants and many of their smaller friends at the Elephant Nature Park. Several weeks before heading to Thailand we reserved a spot on a tour to the park. We were surprised to find the [...]

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CodeConverter.NET SDK: Now open-source!

I spent a lot of time on planes and in airports the last few weeks so I put together a present. After posting about CodeConverter.NET and the View as PowerShell Chrome Extension, I had some feedback that it would be great if the code for this was open-source. After some clean up, I’ve published the [...]

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Visual Studio 2015 – No executable found matching command dotnet-projectmodel-server

Recently, I installed Visual Studio 2017 RC. This also installed the latest version of .NET Core. This also meant I started to run into the error "No executable found matching command dotnet-projectmodel-server" when opening .NET Core projects in Visual Studio 2015. To work around this, you need to specify a SDK version in your global.json file [...]

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Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Monk Trail

We have been visiting Thailand for the last week. We spent a couple days in Bangkok and explored some temples around the area. We then hopped down to Phuket and took in some sunshine and lounged on the beach. Finally, we’ve arrived in Chiang Mai. It’s a historic and holy city speckled with temples connected [...]

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Chrome extension supporting PowerShell examples on MSDN and StackOverflow

Earlier this week, I blogged about a neat little tool I built to convert C# to PowerShell. It’s still a work in progress but I wanted to make it even easier. Here's another handy tool for using the code conversion service. I’ve developed a Chrome extension and REST API for converting C# to PowerShell. You [...]

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Converting C# to PowerShell using Roslyn

Click here to try the C# to PowerShell Converter Recently, I was on StackOverflow looking at a question about POSTing a JPG image to a web server. Nearly the exact answer to the question was already available in C#. After translating the answer from C# to PowerShell I realized there should be a tool for [...]

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