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Becoming a Full Time Ironman

About two years ago I started an experiment. I wanted to see if I could sell software as a side-gig. I released PowerShell Pro Tools followed by Universal Dashboard. The last two years has been a bit crazy. I moved to Idaho with my fiance. We are planning a wedding and Ironman Software has really [...]

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Pioneer Cabin Loop – Sun Valley, Idaho

Today we took a hike out to Pioneer Cabin. It's located east of Sun Valley, Idaho. It offers extremely good views of the Pioneer Mountains. Getting There To access the trailhead, you'll head east out of Sun Valley via Sun Valley Road. This will eventually turn into Trail Creek Road. The Trail Creek Summit is [...]

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If at first you fail, try, try again.

But what about “When you know you’ll fail, try, try anyways”? This one is much more realistic in some situations, but so much harder to motivate oneself to do. One could say that if you know your goal or your expectations are impossible to attain, then you need to revise them. Or maybe it’s just [...]

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Visibility (3/3)

Not the Conservatoire de Musique mentioned in this post; this is actually the Bâtiment des Forces Motrices, my new favorite venue. It sits in the middle of the river. It is gorgeous inside and out. The plush seats are just as great for dozing off as those in the Alhambra theater. I attended [...]

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Visbility (Part 2/3)

The  International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights (check up on the FIFDH site if you’ll be in Geneva when it happens next year) meant I saw a bunch of great documentaries, a couple of fantastic concerts, and a handful of talks ranging from so bad half the audience walked out to so great [...]

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