Visual Studio 2015 – No executable found matching command dotnet-projectmodel-server

Recently, I installed Visual Studio 2017 RC. This also installed the latest version of .NET Core. This also meant I started to run into the error "No executable found matching command dotnet-projectmodel-server" when opening .NET Core projects in Visual Studio 2015. To work around this, you need to specify a SDK version in your global.json file [...]

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Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Monk Trail

We have been visiting Thailand for the last week. We spent a couple days in Bangkok and explored some temples around the area. We then hopped down to Phuket and took in some sunshine and lounged on the beach. Finally, we’ve arrived in Chiang Mai. It’s a historic and holy city speckled with temples connected [...]

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Chrome extension supporting PowerShell examples on MSDN and StackOverflow

Earlier this week, I blogged about a neat little tool I built to convert C# to PowerShell. It’s still a work in progress but I wanted to make it even easier. Here's another handy tool for using the code conversion service. I’ve developed a Chrome extension and REST API for converting C# to PowerShell. You [...]

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Converting C# to PowerShell using Roslyn

Click here to try the C# to PowerShell Converter Recently, I was on StackOverflow looking at a question about POSTing a JPG image to a web server. Nearly the exact answer to the question was already available in C#. After translating the answer from C# to PowerShell I realized there should be a tool for [...]

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What I learned from the doctor about Thailand

As Sarah and I gear up for our upcoming trip to Thailand, I made a last-minute stop at the local travel clinic to ensure I was up to date on my vaccinations. Here some things that the doctor recommended when traveling to Thailand this time of year. Vaccinations If traveling primarily in only urban areas [...]

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From WordPress to Ghost to WordPress

I've spent a lot of time using WordPress. I built CSharpening.net on WordPress. I maintained my own theme and used a large host of plugins. I had plugins for syntax highlighting, spam protection and took advantage of Jetpack. I hosted my site on Arvixe. They also took care of my URL registration. After over 8 years [...]

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Valuing ‘home,’ valuing ‘travel,’ and the role of privilege

I’ve been trying to decide how to react to valuations of “home,” “groundedness,” and “engagement” that I’ve come across in blogs and newspaper opinion columns recently. Reading these makes me feel I have to justify my lifestyle, but I don’t know if I can. I don’t travel with the express purpose of creating distance from [...]

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