Much like music, smells and tastes bring me back to past memories, code does the same thing. I often think about a particular component or feature I was writing and it brings me right back to where I was when I wrote that code. Here’s a couple interesting ones that stick with me.

StealthRECOVER Prototype

The first prototype of StealthRECOVER was developed and demonstrated while I was living in Switzerland. I remember sitting at the kitchen table in our St. Cergue apartment working on the first version of SR.

Image may contain: sky, house and outdoor
Downtown St. Cergue

PowerShell Pro Tools Form Designer

After living in St. Cergue for awhile, we moved to Geneva. I spent a lot of time writing code in the apartment in that city. One very vivid memory for me is working on the PowerShell Pro Tools Form Designer at the kitchen table of our apartment. I spent a lot of time eating Nutella and watching pigeons.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor
View from the balcony of Geneva apartment

PowerShell Pro Tools Packager

The first version of the PowerShell Pro Tools packager was developed on a train in Switzerland. We spent a lot of time on trains while moving around Europe. This gave me ample time to code. Just like every project, I thought that the packager would be the next big line.

Image may contain: Sarah Forzley, sitting and food
Sarah enjoying some snacks on a train

StealthRECOVER GPO Support

We took a vacation to Thailand in early 2017 and I brought my work with me. I remember working on the GPO backup and recovery support for StealthRECOVER while enjoying to warm temperature and pad thai near the beach. There was a very fancy hotel near our not so fancy hotel where we spent a lot of time.

Image may contain: screen
Spending some time working by the pool

Universal Dashboard Charts

While Sarah was still living abroad and I was traveling back and forth, I had a lot of time to spend working on side projects. I recall one weekend where I really dove into developing the Universal Dashboard chart cmdlets in my basement office in Madison. I remember it being dark and with crappy weather outside. Perfect coding environment.

Image may contain: indoor
My Madison man cave and office

Making More Memories

I guess it makes sense that the places I code the most don’t instill such vivid memories like the ones that I made while else where. It makes me wonder which new memories I will create as I embark on new projects and features.

Do you have any code memories?