The last couple of days I’ve been busy working on CodeConverter.NET. Here are some updates.

Simplified Site

When I first conceived of CodeConverter.NET, I thought of making it a community curated site where not only automated conversions would happen but also users could add conversions or improve automated ones. I realized that this was a huge task and decided to just simplify the site. All the site will do is convert code automatically from one language to another. The only languages you can select in the home page drop downs will be languages that are available for conversion.


NuGet Package

The new site now uses the CodeConverter.NET SDK NuGet package rather than having all the code authored in the same project. The NuGet package is available for anyone to use and can be installed by running the following command line.

GitHub Pages for Test Results

You can now follow the progress of the CodeConverter.NET SDK via this GitHub Page. It is generated when the SDK’s test suite is run and will automatically be published during commits that add tests or update other functionality.

Chrome Extension Repository

The View as PowerShell Chrome extension is now available on GitHub. This will eventually become a CodeConverter.NET Chrome extension but you’ll be able to follow along as well as contribute over on GitHub.