Duration: 17 days

Destinations: Zagreb, Croatia; Cres, Croatia; Plitvice, Croatia; Bled, Slovenia

Transport and Lodging Cost: 790.53 USD per person

Dates: October 14th – October 31st    

Trip Break Down

Day 1 – 14th

Fly from Amsterdam to Croatia. Took a bus from the airport to the city. Very cheap and regular. Bus arrives at main bus terminal in Zagreb. Hop on another bus destine for Plitvice. Walked from where the bus dropped us off to Sole Mio Apartment near the park.

Day 1-4 – 14th – 17th  

Explore Plitvice lakes. See more information here. Adam breaks his foot and has a hard time even walking. Sarah runs for hours in the park while Adam worries.

Day 4-10 – 17th – 23rd  

Take bus back up to Zagreb. Meet our Airbnb host. He’s awesome and is part of a Japanese Death Metal band. Invites us to a BBQ. Explore Zagreb and the surrounding area for the next few days. More information here.

Day 10-15 – 23rd – 28th

Take a bus down to Rijeka. Eat pizza at an upside-down boat restaurant on the sea in some awesome bean bag chairs. Take a ferry to Cres. Wander around the island for a week. Try to avoid being killed by sheep. Enjoy every second of it. Take ferry on a different route and hop on a bus back to Rijeka. Sarah is nearly puked on by a tween. She’s a sweetheart though and helps her out. Take a bus from Rijeka to Zagreb.

Day 15-17 – 28th– 31st

Rent a car in Zagreb. Drive to Bled, Slovenia. Almost get arrested at the border because Sarah says we can use a special lane but we really can’t. Get super lost looking for our Airbnb but finally find it. Stay the night and meet with Sarah’s friends the next day and move to Rooms Jerman near the lake. Explore Bled. Visit the sweet castle and stuff. Explore Triglav national park and hike the AMAZING mountain. Head back to Zagreb in our race car.

Check into our Airbnb in Zagreb. Get a ride to the airport from our host in the morning. Paid him 5 USD for gas.

Cost Break Down

Plane Tickets

  • Amsterdam to Croatia: 156.76 USD
  • Croatia to Geneva: 245.10 USD


  • Sole Mio Apartment – Plitvice – 66.66 USD
  • Airbnb – Zagreb – 81.00 USD
  • Airbnb – Cres – 95 USD
  • Airbnb – Bled – 24.5 USD
  • Rooms Jerman – Bled – 25 USD
  • Airbnb – Zagreb – 18 USD

Other Transportation

  • Rental Car – 33.44 USD
  • Bus to Plitvice – 12.16 USD
  • Bus to Zagreb – 12.16 USD
  • Bus to Rijeka – 7.16 USD
  • Bus to Zagreb – 8.59 USD
  • Taxi to Airport – 5 USD