Automated code conversion is a handy tool but it never does as good of a job as a developer doing the conversion. I built the C# to PowerShell converter to help with the conversion but it will never be perfect. After a lot of feedback, I realized that a human touch was the best so I built a system to allow developers to edit conversions after Skynet does 90% of it.

When you use the C# to PowerShell Converter or the View as PowerShell Chrome extension, you can now edit the resulting conversion by hand to make sure they are the highest quality.

Assume you are on an MSDN page and get a conversion like this. It’s ok but not perfect.

You can now click the Bad Conversion link to pop over to the GitHub file for this conversion.

From there you can fork and create a new pull request to fix the file.  Now, I need to approve the pull request. I’m sure this will change in the future. Once a new pull request is merged back into the master of the Conversions repo, a WebHook will call back to the conversion service to store the updated conversion in the data store. Any new user to use the conversion service will get the updated conversion rather than the automated one.

Much prettier (and more correct).

What next?

I hope to implement some better user experience around this service and introduce the ability to use any programming language. I certainly won’t want to approve every pull request, either. Stay tuned!


If you want to use the C# to PowerShell converter and not have your code saved on GitHub, make sure to check Don’t Cache on the converter page.