PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio

PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio brings the richness of the Visual Studio development experience together with the power of PowerShell.  Using this extension you can:

  • Edit, run and debug PowerShell scripts locally and remotely using the Visual Studio debugger
  • Create projects for PowerShell scripts and modules
  • Leverage Visual Studio’s locals, watch, call stack for your scripts and modules
  • Use the PowerShell interactive REPL window to execute PowerShell scripts and command right from Visual Studio
  • Automated Testing support using Pester


Converts C# to PowerShell and back again. Work in progress! There is also a Chrome plugin for this converter.

Code Golf

Compete against other programmers to create the shortest possible solution to problems provided by other users. Code Golf uses the Monaco editor and Azure Functions to ensure a rich experience.

Neat News

Neat News uses the Mercury Web Parser to extract the web content from articles and display a distractionless webpage. It also shortens URLs for sharing with your friends.