Sun Valley

  • Post by Adam Driscoll
  • Mar 19, 2018

I haven’t posted on this blog in awhile. I’ve been busy working at STEALTHbits and Ironman Software. Sarah has been traveling around interviewing for jobs pretty much non-stop and working to finish her dissertation. Most of our time has been spent in Madison, Wisconsin with a few short trips around the area.

We were able to reconnect with family and friends since we returned last September. The time spent at home has been great. Biking the same routes, having a beer at the same bars and visiting the houses of the same friends we spent so much time with. Nothing quite feels like home. It also requires no French and there is a lot more beer available.

Although reconnecting has been a wonderful time, we are planning our next adventure. Sarah was offered and accepted a job in Sun Valley, Idaho. If you see her, make sure to give her a hug or a high five.

The landscape will be much different from Madison. We are leaving behind the comforts of Vintage Brewing and the Arboretum to head out to the wilderness of the Sawtooth Mountains. Sun Valley is known for its phenomenal ski resorts and million-dollar estates. We plan to settle into something more modest among the mountains and spend our time mountain biking, skiing (Sarah), golfing (Adam) and hiking.

I still plan to work for STEALTHbits and on Ironman Software. I’ll be setting up the sweetest home office I possibly can. There aren’t too many coworking spaces in the Wood River valley. We hope to take full advantage of the expansive wilderness that surrounds us. We have a long list of weekend adventures in store. We’re closer to friends on the west coast and just a short jump to Seattle, Denver, Salt Lake, LA and San Francisco. Sun Valley airport might be small but they offer direct flights to all those cities (and Chicago in the winter) so it should open the doors to all kind of new destinations.

Over the next few months we’ll be traveling around a bit before we make the big move to Sun Valley. We’ll be headed to Belize for my mom’s 60th birthday, then I’m going to the PowerShell and DevOps Summit in Bellevue in April followed by a trip to St. George, Utah for the Half Ironman with some hiking in Zion after the event. Our big adventure for the summer is to head to Nice, France for Ironman France where I will be competing in a full Ironman. We will spend some time in Strasbourg and Marseille before heading over to Nice.

I hope to meet many friends along the way. If you happen to be in a city we are visiting, please feel free to reach out because we are always down for good conversation, fun adventures and (maybe just me) good beer.

We will be in the Madison area until the end of summer before packing up the car and heading west. Sarah is likely heading out mid-August while I’ll be around until mid to late September. We won’t be strangers to Wisconsin but hope you will come and visit.

PS: Alongside my Ironman training, I’m also raising money to help send kids with type 1 diabetes to action sports camps. Every dollars helps. Keeping active is a great way to reduce the complications and costs of diabetes. Showing kids that there are super cool ways to stay active, even when diabetic, goes a long way.