Tour De Idaho and Montana - Bitteroot Wilderness

  • Post by Adam Driscoll
  • Aug 02, 2020

The second day of our trip we had a plan to camp just across the Montana border. We made our way out of our Trailcreek campsite and headed back onto Trailcreek Road. We drove down until we met highway 95 and headed north.

We stopped in Challis to fill up on snacks and water. It was very hot (well of 90 degrees) so we decided to avoid walking around too much. The drive from Challis to Salmon is beautiful. The canyon is winding and follows the river. There are little neighborhoods along the way and we tried to find our favorite cabin. We stopped in Salmon near the Salmon River for lunch. Austin got to walk around a bit and jump in the river. We had Nutella and Cashew butter bagel sandwiches. Just what we needed.

We then made our way out of Idaho over the Lost Trail Pass. We had nordic and downhill skied two winters ago so it was cool to see it in the summer. The pass is winding but very wide and not scary at all.

Crazy Campground

We checked out the first campground on our list of three in mind. It was situated 4 miles off the highway down a decently graded dirt road. The campsite was very quiet with only one person camping. We found a nice spot but decided we were going to keep going as Sarah had a most ideal site she wanted to check out.

Blodgett Campground

We had another campsite in mind at Lomo Lake but opt’d to drive past and head directly to Blogdett campground. It’s off the highway a ways but not hard to reach. It was very busy when we arrived. There were few campsites and we got the last one which was the only walk in available.

It’s situated under a towering face of one of the rocks in the area and right along a stream. It is pretty wide open and completely in the shade. It was about 95 degrees when we showed up so it was more than welcome.

Blodgett Trail

We took the Blodgett trail in the morning for a run. We went out about 2.5 miles. The trail is gradual ascent from the first parking lot. Much of the trail is throw small trees mixed with some small rock outcroppings. When the trees opened up, you have a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains.